Service Oriented Process for Agile Development

A Software Development process for developing microservices following the Service-orientation principles.

The SPReaD (Service-oriented Process to Reach Decoupled Domains) is an instantiation of the Mainstream SOA Methodology (MSOAM) as a Software Development process for building service-oriented systems.

SPReaD provides guidance for the development of service-oriented solution, employing microservices as implementation tactic, and DevOpS techniques for continuous software delivery and monitoring.

SPReaD - Service-Oriented Process in Response to Agile Development.

The SPReaD process has been initially identified in the context of a Software Reengineering project conducted between 2016 and 2018 at the Secretary of State for Taxation of \textit{Rio Grande do Norte} (SET/RN) during the migration of UVT (Taxation Virtual Unit) system, the main system of SET/RN.

The application of this process presented significant results regarding the achievement of important project goals, as well as software quality goals such as maintainability, scalability and performance.