My current research interests are organised in three strands:

  • Software Engineering for development of Service-Oriented systems: This line of research looks at software development process for (micro-)service-oriented systems, including aspects of DevOps, Technical Debt and the use of Business Processes for guiding the services definition.
  • Digital Identity Management and Access Control: This line of research looks at the employment of Federated Identity Management and Access Control techniques in different domains, and its use for dealing with insider threats through the means of self-protection techniques.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for supporting IoT applications: This line of research looks at the development/deployment/operation of supporting infrastructure (e.g., FIware) for IoT applications.

Sheffield Hallam University offers a number of competitive scholarships to new PhD students. For more information check SHU Research Degrees Web page.

If you are interesting in pursuing a PhD under my supervision, fell free to contact me.